Turnkey Interiors

1. What is turnkey interiors?

A turnkey interior design solution is an integrated solution where one contractor controls and manages the entire interior design project from start to finish, reducing the level of stress and work involved for the owner.

2. Do I need Turnkey Interiors?

A major design project for a home can be a long and difficult piece of work for the owner, but a turnkey interior solution will provide then with just one point of contact and full responsibility for the work being carried out within the given timeline. Having a well-designed house will go a long way into making it feel like your home.

3. What are different packages?

Our designers have carefully curated value packages for your interiors which fulfill all your requirements with superior looks and quality. You can select a package depending on budget and different looks and return to a fully furnished home. Refer to our packages and get in touch with us to help you choose your interiors wisely and hassle-free.

4. What will be the implementation time and fees?

The time and fees both will depend on the size of your property, refer our packages for more details.

5. How long will it take for the project to complete?

Completion of the project depends upon various factors like the scope of work, complexity of the design and your own ability to make decisions using choices provided by our designer.

6. Will you buy all the materials on my behalf? Will it be of good quality?

Yes, we will buy all the materials included in the package you select. We, at Alt Abode source materials from the most credible and trusted suppliers pioneering in their respective furnishings. In this way, we ensure you get best-in-the-class quality for all components that go into building your home.

7. Do you provide warranty?

Yes we provide a two-year warranty on all furnishings including modular kitchen, wardrobes, beds and sofas.

8. Why should we choose you?

We add value

We shed light on new ideas, simpler ways of doing things and save money. Your home will be ready on time, will look great and will live up to what you dream of.

Good design

Our packages ensure superior designs that match your style. Each project is focused and unique - a balance of aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and economics to suit your personal taste.

Our approach

We believe in a cooperative effort between the client, designer and other professionals; sharing of ideas and consensus of minds. You understand your needs, your desires and your climate better than anyone else does. We best understand how to give life to those visions. You are provided with a set variety of choices throughout the design process to avoid confusion in selection.

9. Will I get post-sales care?

Our customer service is simply a call away. Our team ensures that your problem is resolved at the earliest. You can avail our post-sales care for all products included in our packages.

10. What is the 72-hour inspection policy?

Expect no delays. Once you notify us for a return request, we will make sure that our executive visits your site to inspect the product. If applicable, your return will be initiated in just 72 hours.

11. When will I receive a replacement?

When a return is accepted, the timeline for the replacement to reach you may vary from product to product. Our representative will keep you informed at all times, and we will make all efforts to make your new product reach you very soon.

Home Maintenance

1. What is Home Management (H.M)?

Home management is the maintenance, operation and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. Home management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired home-related items. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. Home management also includes management of personal home equipments.

2. Do I need a Home Manager?

If you don’t like to see your investment degrading, you do need a property manager. We upkeep your property all the time and help you secure your hard earned investment.

3. What are the services available under Home Maintenance?

Our gamut of Home maintenance services include all the essential tasks to be carried out for keeping it up to the mark. These services include regular cleaning, timely inspection of flat equipment & appliances and keys management to name a few.

4. Why a professional Home Maintenance service?

There are various reasons to hand over your home to a professional for Home Management. The most important one is the multiple skill levels in all areas including Labor resource and to maximize productivity. You will end up benefiting in multiple ways, first and foremost being peace of mind. You pay for a professional service and you get it. There is no lapse in the service quality and we as the service providers are always accountable for our work.

5. What are the charges?

In general, hiring a home management company is more economical than most people expect, especially when you consider what you get in return without the time commitment of managing a home. The charges are based on the size of your apartment, starting from Rs.24,000/year.

6. Will you take care of my monthly bill?

Yes, we will pay all your bills on your behalf. We do require that your account have a minimum balance in excess of the estimated monthly payments, and your reserve should reflect that. Any shortfall must be submitted before payments can be made. At no time will we pay bills when the total funds you have available are less than what has to be paid. It is the responsibility of the owner to check their fund balance online to make sure there is enough to pay the bills.

7. How do Home Inspections work?

Periodic inspections are recommended to determine preventative maintenance due and to carry out the necessary actions. Our trained supervisors schedule visits on a monthly basis to ensure your residence is being maintained in the condition it deserves.

8. Why is there a deposit amount? Where will it be used?

The deposit amount we take from you at the start of the subscription is to take care of the necessary maintenance expenses (repair works) when you’re away. All the tasks undertaken will be first notified and approved by you. We will send the details of the amount used along with the remaining balance via mail or SMS.

9. How can we rely on a Home Management company, when we are away?

Maintaining a home is very time consuming and tedious task. But it’s possible to soothe your objections if you consider the overall advantages of hiring professionals. You do not need to take a flight or arrange for a caretaker every time you think there is a problem, we will be merely one call away.

10. How often will I hear from my home manager?

We will reach out to you a few times in a year for co-ordination related to maintenance based on your preferred method of communication; email or your phone.

11. What makes Alt Abode better than our competitors?

We will be the best choice you can make while choosing a home management service provider, because we give value for your money and the best possible service quality. We treat your home as if it were our own.

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